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Palo Santo Petite Soy Candle 20 Hour Burn

  • Our Palo Santo scent is smoky, dry and masculine. It's as inviting as a lit fireplace of flickering embers. A wonderful scent for fall and winter, it creates a soothing vibe of calm and luxury.

    Top notes of rosemary and palo santo.

    Heart notes of smoky cedar wood, sandalwood and leather.

    Bottom notes of tonka bean and smooth incense.

    Note from Bia, our candlemaker: "Palo Santo means holy wood. The tree itself grows in South America and is considered sacred. The tree cannot be cut. It has to die naturally or its branches break off to be properly used for shamanic and spiritual rituals of cleansing, healing and purification. It's known to clear negative energy and facilitate mediation, along with activating the chakras and creativity. This is a very special scent with powerful properties."


  • Comes in amber glass with gold metal lid to keep your candle free of dust and preserve fragrance.

    Phthalate-free. Parabens-free. No colorants. Natural wicks. All this results in a clean burning candle.

    Candles are hand poured in Sarasota, Florida with vegan, soy wax blend and highly scented with fine quality, essential oil fragrances.

    Made in the USA.


  • Net weight: 3.5oz

    Product dimensions: 2.25in diameter x 2.75in height

    Approximately 20 hours burn time. Ideal for smaller spaces.