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NEW! French Lavender Grande 2-Wick Candle 15oz 50hour Burn

  • New! Fresh, aromatic, calming. Not your old school, stuffy, musky lavender. This French Lavender will take you on a walk through the lavender fields of France. Lavender is known for its relaxing and sleep inducing aromatherapy benefits. 

    Top notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Black Pepper

    Heart notes: Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Freesia

    Bottom notes: Cedar Wood, Tonka Bean

    Note from Bia, our founder: “This aroma is meant to transport you to the lavender fields of Provence in full bloom. Lavender is often mixed with other notes such as vanilla, which can overpower lavender's delicate notes. This candle is authentic lavender, as if you are smelling the flower in nature. Is fresh and soft. Light it a few hours before bedtime to create a calming vibe."

  • Amber glass jar with gold metal lid keeps wax free of dust and preserves fragrance.

    All candles are individually wrapped with eco paper and classy grosgrain brown ribbon.

    Soy wax blend

    Fragrances infused with essential oils and certified by

    Lead-free, natural wicks

    Vegan & cruelty-free

    NO phthalates, parabens, colorants, additives, hormone disruptors

    Our ingredients and packaging are responsibly and sustainably sourced in the USA ♻️

  • Handmade in Sarasota, Florida, beautiful USA 🇺🇸

    Net weight: 15oz

    Product dimensions: 4.125in diameter x 3.25in height

    The grande candle is ideal for medium to large rooms or for those who like an intense scent throw.

    For optimal performance, candles should be lit for 2-3 hour intervals or when a full melt pool has formed.