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bia candle co

"I'm completely obsessed with Bia Candles. They are slow burning and last for such a long time, and the smells are unique and comforting - they pull up distinct memories. I am very much a candle person and this is my favorite candle at the moment."

-Jessamyn Stanley

“I cannot imagine ever using any other candles after experiencing these unique scent combinations”

- Demetra, NY

“Best candles ever, they last so long and smell amazing!”

- Matt, Miami

“I will never buy another brand of candle again”

- Kali, Iowa

“My biggest annoyance with candles is they don’t carry smell broadly and yours totally does. Bye Bye Diptyque”

- Sarah, Atlanta

"Other candle companies have scents that smell fake or too sweet. But bia candles are the real thing! Lighting Jasmine Magnolia is like breathing in a fresh bouquet of flowers."

- Brianna, Massachusetts