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Let's Get Lit Classic Soy Candle 50hr Burn

$22.00 $32.00
  • Herbal and green with deep smokiness and a hint of citrus. A fun conversation piece and the perfect aroma for those who love the smell of cannabis (or who love to get lit!)

    Top Notes: Passion Fruit and Grapefruit

    Heart Notes: Cannabis Flower and Rhubarb

    Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Black Pepper

    This candle does not contain CDB nor THC. It does not offer medicinal properties nor will it get you high.

    *Note from Bia: "If you like herbal, earthy, smoky aromas, this is a great option. It's also a fun conversation piece or gift option. Many customers say this is the most "underrated candle". It has a strong hot throw, meaning it will fill your space with a lot of scent."

  • Comes in amber glass with gold metal lid to keep your candle free of dust and preserve fragrance.

    Phthalate-free. Parabens-free. No colorants. Natural wicks. All this results in a clean burning candle.

    Candles are hand poured in Sarasota, Florida with vegan, soy wax blend and highly scented with fine quality, essential oil fragrances.

    Made in the USA.


  • Net weight 7oz

    Product dimensions: 3in diameter x 3.5in height

    50 hours of clean, slow burn time. No smoke. No drowning wicks.