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Clean Perfume for Your Home

bia candle co. curates fine fragrance candles to perfume your home. Our candles are both highly scented and clean burning. 

Fragrances are rigorously selected from the best manufactures in the US and France to offer you a collection of superb scents. Intensive research and testing are performed to craft the ideal recipe of premium soy, essential oil fragrances and natural wicks, that burns slow, clean and safely. That means no smoke and no drowning wicks.

Vegan, Kosher, Cruelty-free. No phthalates. No parabens. No additives. No artificial colorants.

Woman Owned

Started in Bia's kitchen while she was living in São Paulo, Brazil and couldn't find quality candles for her home. A Vanderbilt graduate of psychology and admirer of fine perfume, horses and yoga, Bia knows the positive impact 'candle-scenting' has on your mood and emotions. It's all about creating well-being through scent and light

Honeydew Me

We all need a little sweetness! It's fruity, juicy, sexy and also light and sweet!

A mix of ripe melons is balanced with water lilies, cucumber and tart apple peal, plus a bit of bubbly to add sparkle.

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Jasmine Magnolia

A bouquet of super fragrant flowers in one sniff. Gardenia, magnolia, jasmine, ylang ylang, freesia create a very powerful scent for floral lovers.

So sophisticated and complex, it smells of fine perfume.

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Smokin' Cowboy

This Cowboy will blow your mind!

Tuscan leather, cedar and sandalwood are softened with petals of blue iris and violet. Upscale and seductive, this scent appeals to every nose.

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Let's Get Lit

Cannabis, weed, green, herb, kush, hemp, marijuana... the flowering plant with diverse medicinal and party properties does smell fabulous. This scent is very green and herbal with deep smokiness.

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No Man's Rose

No Man's Rose is a modern take on the rose, not the typical, powdery rose. Imagine a blooming rose bush before sunrise covered in morning dew. You sense petals, green stems and leaves. It's fresh, it's green, it's nature: beautiful and intoxicating.

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Amber Santal

Our best seller is a sophisticated blend of creamy sandalwood and deep amber with a touch of vanilla orchid, orange blossom and patchouli.

Seductive, Romantic, Hypnotizing.
Perfect for date night.

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Citron Vert

Citron Vert is a fresh blend of lemongrass and lime enveloped with white blossoms and light woods.

Uplifting and full of zest, this scent makes your home smell clean and fresh.

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Fresh Woods

A walk in the woods. Crisp and cool. Fresh yet intense.

An impactful scent with top notes of ozone and bergamot and heart notes of pine and cypress. Intensely green, this is our strongest fragrance.

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Wash Away My Sins

Ozone, salt, sea moss and white woods create a natural, clean smelling scent.

Complex yet light, this subtle composition makes your home smell fresh. Light it all day long.

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Best candles ever, they last so long and smell amazing!

– Matt, Miami

I will never buy another brand of candle again.

– Kali, Iowa

I cannot imagine ever using any other candles after experiencing these unique scent combinations.

– Demetra, NY

My biggest annoyance with candles is they don’t carry smell broadly and yours totally does. Bye Bye Diptyque.

– Sarah, Atlanta

I have been buying candles at expensive mall stores. Love having them in my house to remove food orders and also to create a lovely atmosphere for guests. Bia’s candles are far superior in fragrance variety and density to any I have purchased. I love them all!

– Sherri, FL

The candles produced by Bia Candle Co are exceptional. They burn clean with the most beautiful aromas. The mixture of essential oils used to create the various scents are absolutely amazing. They make wonderful gifts as well. The quality and craftsmanship are exceptional.

– Renessa, FL