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Wash Away My Sins Petite Candle 20h Burn

  • "Smells clean" is what every one says about this scent.

    Ozone, Sea Moss, Salt and Aqua Mist Accord make this fragrance airy, salty and moist. 

    Lily of the Valley, Watery Petals and White Woods give it bloom.

    A mystical fragrance composition difficult to dissect.  Imagine yourself on a high cliff, overlooking a salty ocean, breathing in the moist, soothing breeze while surrounded by birch trees.  You are surrounded and sheltered by His most valuable creations. Your personal conversation with God...

    You can't help but sense the "clean" with this candle. Clean scents are in style. An easy please for gifting.
  • Comes in amber glass with gold metal lid to keep your candle free of dust and preserve fragrance.

    Phthalate-free. Parabens-free. No colorants. Natural cotton and paper wicks. All this results in a clean candle.

    Candles are hand poured in Sarasota, Florida with vegan soy wax blend and highly scented with essential oil fragrances sourced from the best manufacturers in the world.

    Made in the USA.


  • Net weight 3.2 to 3.5oz (hand pours vary, you always get more).

    Product dimensions: 2.25in diameter x 2.75in height

    20 hours of clean, even, slow burn time. No smoke. No drowning wicks.