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bia candle co


Our candles are designed with more fragrance, high quality ingredients and a meticulous process to really fill your home with scent. Our perfume-inspired scents are clean, slow burning and eco-friendly.


While living in Brazil, Bia was on the hunt for a high-quality candle. On her trips to the US, she would stock up on her favorites to share with friends. So coveted were these candles in São Paulo, they only burned on special occasions!

Recognizing the hidden demand, she set out to make her own candles from home. Instinct and curiosity inspired her process. What makes a good candle? Slow burn. No smoke. Lasting smell. After some trial and error (and a few kitchen fires), the candlemaker mastered her craft. The result was a clean, colorant-free formulation of wax, wick and scent.

woman owned minority owned small business

In 2018, Bia moved back to her home state of Florida, determined to break into a new market with an affordable, high-quality creation. In her Sarasota studio, she curated her proprietary blends using only premium ingredients.

The flame was lit, and Bia Candle Co. was born.

"We hope our candles bring you happiness and calm through scent and light. If they brighten your day, our mission is accomplished."  - Bia