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Candle Care

You’ve acquired a premium candle made with amazing scented oils and high quality wax. For optimal performance, it needs a little love and care. Don’t we all 🙂!
Follow these easy steps to get a slow, clean burn at every light!

Light it!

Light your bia candle and enjoy it for about 3 hours on first burn to open up the melt pool. The melt pool is the molten wax that “throws” scent into the air and makes your space smell fabulous! 

 If you burn your candle for short amounts of time, you may create a "memory ring” or “tunnel” in your candle. You don’t want that, so let it burn! (But do try to keep it under 4 hours)

Pro Tip: Dip it!

Dip the wick in the melt pool instead of blowing out the flame to prevent after smoke. You can use a wick dipper, chopstick or the handle of a match. Recenter the wick after dip.

Snip it!

Always remember to trim your wick! This prevents the wick from smoking when lit.When the candle is cool, trim wick to 1/4 inch before relighting to ensure a clean burn. Remove any debris to keep wax clean and beautiful.
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