bia candle co

bia candle co has chosen each of its 10 scents for their complex olfactory compositions. Our candles are meant to perfume your home with the same sophistication and quality as you do your body. 

To produce a high quality product, you need high quality ingredients, artisan production and love of craft. Our fragrances are infused with essential oils and free of parabens and phthalates. Our soy wax blend is kosher, vegan and cruelty-free. Our wicks are natural and do not contain metal. Extensive research and testing are done for every new scent. Positive energy and calming music are present while we handpour in small batches to deliver fresh candles. 

Our candles burn slow and clean. We use a high percentage of fragrance in our candles to ensure they scent a room soon after lighting without cloying. 

We believe it's our responsibility as a company and as individuals to care for the Earth. Our packaging is recycled, recyclable or both. Reducing waste is very important and the reason why we do not offer candle boxes. 

about bia candle co

bia candle co started while Bia was living Brazil and could not find quality scented candles. Like most Americans, Bia decorated and scented her home with candles. On her trips to the US, she would stock up and bring them to Brazil for her home and gifting. She noticed her Brazilian friends loved the scented candles and didn't light them to preserve them as treasures! Realizing there was a demand for scented candles, Bia started making candles in her home. After a year of researching, testing and asking the pros for advice, Bia was able to make a beautifully scented, clean & slow burning candle and started selling to small boutiques and friends & family. 

In 2018, Bia moved back to Sarasota, Florida, and started analyzing the very competitive US candle market. With so many indie brands to compete with and large companies with competitive prices, it was daunting. After a closer look, she realized companies shorted on fragrance to keep costs down. Some only scented the top layer of wax instead of the whole candle. Some candles burned very fast, others had a very high, dangerous flame. Some had soot and smoke or a lot of wax left over. Conclusion, many companies are selling poor quality candles; while others are selling great candles with a very high price tag. 

a little history...

Bia set out to produce a candle with superb ingredients at a reasonable price. Marketing and packaging are very costly and don't aggregate value to the candle itself. The cost of a box can range from 1 to 4x the price of the candle, and most will only end up in a landfill or in our oceans. Our packaging is a minimalist, beautiful amber glass jar that should be recycled or reused. The gold metal lid keeps dust out and protects the scent. The narrow label is positioned so the flame can glow visibly. The customer pays for quality ingredients and craftsmanship.