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Finding Peace and Keeping Hope During Covid-19

Finding Peace and Keeping Hope During Covid-19

On our individual journeys, we are always dealing with an internal or external crisis. Today the world and our country deals with the Covid-19 pandemic. Tomorrow we will deal with divorce, new business failures, death of a loved one, heartbreak, financial loss, unemployment... Life is a set of continual problems and our ability to overcome them.

I am neither religious or political. I do believe we are multi-sensory and we are a soul with teachers, masters, spirits, guides, guardian angel, God (call it what you prefer) that guide us. I believe we are accompanied, we are guided, we have help. All you have to do is ASK. During uncertain times, when in doubt or despair, when you are lost and have no idea which way to go, ASK.  Ask for guidance.  Ask for your Higher Power to enlighten your path. To guide you. To help you. ASK and TRUST you will get answer.  And you will.

Light a candle. Breathe deep. Believe in Light. Pray. Stay safe.



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