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Why choose Bia Candles?

Why choose Bia Candles?

The USA is the largest global consumer and producer of candles. Europe is a close second. Americans love to decorate homes with scent and beautiful jars, matching visual style to olfactory preferences. It's in our culture. 

To meet this demand, thousands of candle brands vie for customer loyalty. The US has every type of candle imaginable. How do you choose your candle?

Bia started making candles in Brazil for the sole reason that quality scented candles didn't exist. Cultural differences. No demand, no supply.

Back in the USA, Bia compared her product to existing brands and concluded her product would compete with the best brands at a lower price point. How?...

  1. Focusing on the quality of the actual candle, which meant choosing the best ingredients: vegan, cruelty free, soy wax blend and clean, natural fragrances from top manufacturers.
  2. Eliminating extraneous packaging that is bad for the environment such as boxes with print that are not recyclable; and using instead ecological, recycled and recyclable kraft wrap.
  3. Being honest with customers instead of spending enormous marketing budgets on trying to sell sell sell.

A note on packaging. It's expensive. Some consumers don't realize that packaging is many times more expensive than the actual product they are buying. Packaging most of the time translates to trash. Most boxes can't be reused. Their sole purpose it to attract the consumers attention, transport from store to home, then trash, which means larger landfills, more pollution and destruction of nature. Bia candle co avoids boxes for these reasons. Our candles are wrapped with recycled and recyclable paper and a ribbon you can reuse.

When you purchase a bia candle, you're paying for a quality candle that will scent your home. Perfume-inspired aromas are used in high concentrations. Natural soy wax blend and wicks provide a CLEAN, slow burn. No additives. No soot. No drowning wicks. Quality.





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